The Print Shop payroll system

This case example was adapted by Prof. Al Bento, February, 1995.

Employees record their hours on time slips which enter the payroll system; later the system prepares and distributes checks to the same employees.

The time slips go immediately to a data entry clerk, where they are entered via CRT terminal and stored on disk. Later, shortly before the actual payroll is to be run these data are sorted by social security number and stored on magnetic tape. One hour before the checks are due to be delivered to the Print Shop, these transaction tapes and an old year-to-date earnings tape are mounted on tape drives, and the payroll program is run.

The checks, along with several accounting reports, are then given to a bonded courier, and delivered to the chief accountant for distribution. The general ledger is updated. Another program generates W-2 forms from the year-to-date earnings tape, at the end of each year.

Sources and destinations


Data Flows

Data Stores

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