How to download and install Microsoft Expression Studio 4

You will need to login in Microsoft as a UB student, them download and image (ISO) file of Expression, burn this image to a CD, and use this CD to install Expression in your PC. This is the full version that does not expire, you can keep it after the course.
    go to>
  1. click in Sign in, and sign in with your Windows live ID
  2. if you do not have one sign up for one with your UB e-mail address, not other e-mail address, because Microsoft uses the e-mail address from universities to allow free downloads
  3. after you login, select Expression Studio 4 and click on download using the Web.
  4. you have at the end of the download a file ending on Ultimate4_en.iso
  5. Place a blank writeable CD in your CD/DVD drive
  6. right-click on the file ending on Ultimate4_en.iso and select your preferred program to burn it to the CD (for example: Windows Disc Image Burner) and do it
  7. use the new burned CD to install Expression to your PC, select setup.exe if it does not start automatically after you inserted the CD.
  8. As soon as you start the setup.exe it will ask you to download and install .Net Framework 4. Follow the instruction on the screen to do it.
  9. You will need to run setup.exe again from the CD and the installation will now start.
  10. You can install all the options of Studio opyions, but for this course you only need Expression Web 4, you may de-select the other items if you want to save disk space.