Using Kompozer remotely at UB

You can use Kompozer to develop Web pages remotely using Windows, Mac, iPad, Tablets loging using your UB username and password through Citrix.
You access Kompozer remotely at UB by going to The first time you go to the UB citrix (remote applications) need to install a Citrix Receiver in you PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet.
  1. The UB site will ask you to do so and have a link to download the receiver as shown in this image.
  2. In Internet Explorer select run, in Firefox select download, then double-click to install. While the receiver is installing you will see this other image from the UB citrix server.
  3. When the installation is complete you may or not need to click on the screen message and you will see the login screen where you will use your UB username and password to access Kompozer remotely.
  4. Once you login you will see a menu of applications available remotely at UB as in this example.
  5. Select Kompozer and wait for it to ask you to say OK to the message of UNAUTHORIZED Access.
  6. Then you will see a series of messages and a security warning about access to files in your PC. You can choose read only (no files will be saved in your machine) or permit all access (files will be read and saved in your machine),
  7. The warning will go away and you will see Kompozer started in your machine as shown here.
  8. You can now open files locally (under Computer) and remotely in your drive M (not on the Web) and drive H -- CISPUB1 (files on the Web) as shown in this open html files dialog.
  9. One of main advantages to use Kompozer remotely is that you can save your pages directly to your UB Webspace by saving the files to CISPUB1 (the drive H: on campus).
  10. Please note that if you insert an image in your page you should right-click in the image and select properties as shown here, then remove the local address of your image, keeping only the image name, as shown in this other picture.
Remember that you access your Web page at, where firstname.lastname is your UB e-mail account without, and yourpage.html is the name you gave to your home page.

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