VOICE - Mail Order Sales and Services

INSS 300 - Fall 1995
Detailed assignment instructions

Your first task is to create a DFD for VOICE using Freelance. Use the computers in the PCUB labs or in the BIC lab. Printer facilities are available in the PCUB labs. This is due October 11 (printed).

Your second task is to prepare: (a) input screen layout, and (b) sales report layout. You should use an wordprocessor to do so, as shown in the class of September 27 (see file 4sysdev.pre in Freelance in abento\inss300\pre for examples). You should design in an wordprocessor your own input screen. For the sales report, use the following format as the basis for design:

VOICE Sales Report


Product No. Description Sales date Qty. Unit price Extended
Sub-total xx xxxxxxxxxxx

I suggest that you show this to me in the VOICE Q&A session of October 18.

3. Your next task is to do the data base design (after the October 11 class). You should use Freelance to do the graphical and relational representations of the design. I suggest that you also show this to me in the VOICE Q&A session of October 18.

4. Your final task is to implement part of the system using Paradox. You will (a) create the tables and load the data in the tables, and (b) create and print the sales report. You should also create a simple script to print the sales report. I will review briefly Paradox in the class of October 11. I suggest you do the most you can and bring me your doubts in the VOICE Q&A session of October 18.

You should compile what you did in a report and turn it up to 5 PM, October 30, in my office. Your report should be organized in the following sections:

  1. Introduction: an overall description of the project
  2. System diagram: include your DFD (revise it, if you wish).
  3. Input and Output layouts: include the layouts for the Screen and Sales Report
  4. Data base design: include the graphical and relational prepresentations of the data base.
  5. Data base implementation: include a copy of the tables, and a printout of the tables with data (instant report).
  6. Sales report: include a printout of the Sales Report.
Final comments: what was easy to do in the project and what you found difficult to do and why.

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