Micro blogging and Media Communities. 

This week we study two other well known  social networking sites: Flickr and Twitter. These tools have different purposes. Flickr is an image and video hosting site from Yahoo, frequently used to include images in a blog. Picasa from Google is another image hosting site. See a comparison of Flickr and Picasa here. See Hay chapter 8 for a detailed description of the media communities of which Flickr is a member. 

Twitter is another story -- it dominates the landscape of microblogging. Again I don't have much to add to what is covered in Hay chapter 6. Please also see  the use of the twitter search engine -- http://search.twitter.com . For those relying in Twitter in a day to day job I suggest the Joel Commm, Twitter power 2.0 book for further reading.

The detailed instructions for project step 5  tells you how to create Flickr and Twitter accounts and do a first tweet about you WordPress blog. Link them to your WordPress  blog. 

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