Social networking sites: Facebook and LinkedIn

This week we study two of the most well known  social networking sites: Facebook and LinkedIn. These tools are used differently  by individuals and  organizations, businesses.  I don't have much to  add  to what is covered in Hay  chapter 6, please read it  carefully.  The instructions for project step  4 are very brief on how to create pages for Facebook and LikedIn because  the  book and their respective Web sites (Facebook and Linkedin) provide a good coverage on how to do it.

You can also watch one of many YouTube videos on how to create a Facebook page for business here. The detailed instructions for project step  4 only add  how to place a link in your WordPress blog to your Facebook  page, an apparently simple task that requires special attention.  Please note that you are not required to create a Linkedin page for the semester long project, only a Facebook page.

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