INSS 427 - assignment 1

UB University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 1: Hands-on network information


This is a very simple assignment:

  1. Test your download speed at and (see textbook page 44). Is there a difference if you donload or upload from/to Washington, DC versus Seattle, WA?

  2. Open a Windows command prompt and ping and trace route to Hint: use ping and the tracert at the command prompt (see textbook pages 45-46). Copy and paste the results in notepad.
    Note: to copy from the command prompt to an Windows application click on the C:\ symbol in the left-most top-most area of the command prompt and select edit, mark. Move your mouse and highlight the selection. Click again on the C:\ symbol and select edit, copy. Then paste in Windows.

  3. Explain the difference between the results you obtained with ping and tracert.

  4. When you are done write a report in Word with the answers to the above questions and save it in RTF (Reach Text Format) and post it in SAKAI Assignments area, for Assignment 1.

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