INSS427 - assignment 3

UB University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 3: resolving names and what's in a name?


From a PC workstation at the lab, at home or office find the following information for the machine:

  1. The IP address, FQDN and alias (if any) of the HOME Web server (

  2. Check what is in the ARP cache and Route Table and explain them. Write the most important items in the Route Table and explain what they mean.

  3. At the command prompt type: netstat, net user, net localgroup, and net view. What results did you obtain? Copy and paste from the command prompt to a text file and, later on include these results in your report.
    Note: to copy from command prompt to an Windows application click on the C:\ symbol in the left-most top-most area of the command prompt and select edit, mark. Move your mouse and highlight the selection. Click again on the C:\ symbol and select edit, copy. Then paste in Windows. To paste from Windows to the command prompt click on the C:\ symbol and select edit, paste.

  4. Go to and download and install Wireshark.

  5. Start Wireshark, click on GO, select a NIC interface and click start. Then open your browser and go to Copy and paste the results, as explained in the above note. Finally explain the first 10 to 15 lines of the output. (HINT: see book pages 85-89).

  6. When you are done write a report in Word with the answers to the above questions and save it in RTF (Reach Text Format) and post it in SAKAI Assignments area, assignment 3.

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