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Assignment 4: TCP/IP information from a PC


From a PC running Windows at one of the UB open computer labs, at home, or office:

  1. find the IP address, FQDN, subnet mask and default gateway for the machine (use IPConfig to obtain this information).

  2. what do the subnet mask number you found tells you about how many IP numbers (machines) can be used in the machine subnet? Hint: see this slide or use the IP Subnet Calculator to check it.

  3. can you use a graphical applet in Windows to obtain the above information at one of the UB open computer labs, at home or office? If you can, capture an image. If you can't, explain why. Note: to capture an image you need a piece of software to do so. You can find a free one at Nonags.

  4. to what class does the IP address you found belongs to (A,B or C)? Explain.
  5. find the MAC address of the machine and explain the difference between MAC and IP addresses.
  6. what type of NetBios over TCP/IP node does it uses? Explain what it means (hint: see this slide).
  7. ping the gateway and home.ubalt.edu to test if there is TCP/IP connection. Capture the results.
    Note: to copy from the command prompt to an Windows application click on the C:\ symbol in the left-most top-most area of the command prompt and select edit, mark. Move your mouse and highlight the selection. Click again on the C:\ symbol and select edit, copy.
  8. from a PC running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS at one of the PCs at the MIS Lab, home, or office find the IP address, MAC address, subnet mask and default gateway for the machine (use ifconfig at the terminal window to obtain this information).
  9. the network information in the PC running Ubuntu are saved in which files(hint look at this page)? Copy these files to a text file.
  10. what is the difference between a static and a dynamic IP address? Do you need a server to use dynamic IP numbers? Which one? In what cases would you use fixed IP numbers? Why?

When you are done write a report in Word with the answers to the above questions and save it in RTF (Reach Text Format) and post it in SAKAI Assignments folder, for Assignment 4.

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