INSS 427 - Project

UB University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Project: Detailed design of a network


The project is to be done in groups of two to three students. The objective is to design a local area network for a real or hypothetical organization comprised of at least four subnets, with at least 100 PCs in each, using Windows and TCP/IP.

  1. hardware design: similar to assignment 2. Include the following in a table: part name, description, supplier, unit cost, extended cost. Assume that all PCs were bought with NICs (do not include their costs), but not cables. Compute the total cost for all parts. Do not forget internetworking device(s). Prepare a graphical representation (image) of the network using MS Visio.

  2. IP subnetting calculations: similar to assignment 4. Assume that you will be able to obtain as many class C addresses as you may need (explain your decision of how many you asked for). Include in a table the IP range, subnet address and default gateway of each of the four subnets.

  3. network design:

    • Determine how many Windows servers you will need. Assume that you will buy new machine(s) to house the Windows server(s), configure and price it (them). If you used routers (not required) remember that they do not allow broadcast among subnets, what may affect this decision. Decide what services to install: DNS, DHCP, etc. Explain and justify your decisions.

    • Describe how each machine will be named (you can make it whatever you want) and how IP addresses will be assigned to each machine and how name resolution will take place. Assume that there will be only one Internet domain assigned -- to the company you are designing the network.

  4. Include all the above information in a Web page, like you did in assignments. Separate well each item from the others to make reading easy. When you are done post the page URL (address) in Assignments area of SAKAI, Project (P).

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