Readings on VPN and Network devices security

These are suplementary readings in topics no covered in class

  1. PhoneSweep by Niksun

  2. Hackers target net call systems

  3. VoIP Security for Dummies

  4. Microsoft Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)

  5. IPSec in Wikipedia

  6. Unix VPN over IPsec

  7. Linux IPSec Howto

  8. Virtual Private Network Technologies

  9. A Cryptographic Evaluation of IPsec

  10. tftp in Windows 7

  11. A TFTPD (TFTP server for Windows?!?!) from Microsoft, another version.

  12. Dsniff FAQ

  13. CISCO Global Exploiter: news.

  14. Furor over Cisco IOS router exploit erupts at Black Hat.

  15. PKI in Federal Systems

  16. Ten risks of PKI

  17. PKI Tutorials

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