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Operating Systems

Mini-project 4
Memory in Windows and Linux

Mini-projects are due Sundays by 11 PM. 

Go to the MISLAB. Log as Administrator in your group WinXP "machine", like you did previously. Read this article and:

  1. Locate the page file in a drive that do not have the XP version you are using. Show me what you did.

  2. Size the page file so that it is not too small or too big, then physically do it. Show me what you did.

  3. Internal fragmentation only happens in the frames. Page files can have external fragmentation when XP increases the size of the page file and other files are in the way. The Disk Defragmenter in Computer Manager does not defragments the page file. Use the "free method" to defragment your page file. Explain what you did and show me!

  4. Create some page file performance monitoring counters. Open the Performance Monitor in Control Panel, Administrative Tools and select System Monitor then add at least three memory counters. Explain why you chose them and show me the result. This article may help you make choices.
  5. Write this part of the report in MS Word, including images and save to a file: mp4part1.doc .
  6. Open a browser, go to WebTycho and post this file in your group area to be used later in the assignment.

Restart your machine. When the machine restarts select Linux and log in the group Linux account in your group "machine" as you did previously. In this mini-project you will not need root (administrative) privileges.

  1. Find the memory and the swap file size in your machine (Hint: type free -m to obtain both in Megabytes) Show me.
  2. Find how much of the physical and swap file are in use in your machine (Hint: select System Tools, KInfoCenter, Memory). Show me.
  3. Create this part of the report using OpenOffice in a Word compatible format and save it in a Word compatible format in the group account as mp4part2.doc .
  4. Open Firefox in Linux, go to your group area and download the report you wrote in Word for the first part of this assignment (mp4part1.doc) to the same directory you saved the second part of the report.
  5. Finally, put the two parts together (mp4part1.doc and mp4part2.doc) and prepare the final report (Windows plus Linux user management). Save the report in MS Word format as mp4.doc and post it in the Mini-project 4 entry of the Assignments folder of one of the group members in WebTycho.

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