INSS 610 - assignment 1
  University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 1: e-mail your resume

INSS 610

You are supposed to create a basic resume and e-mail it to me (do not attach any files in this first assignment):

  1. log in UBmail (or another E-mail system you are familiar with) using your UBmail account and password.
  2. in UBmail type pine to start Pine. You can also get a free copy of PC-Pine and install it home or in the office. Of course you can also use Netscape, Pegasus for free, or any other software you own, if any.
  3. Select compose and send to
  4. in the Subject line enter 610a1.
  5. create a header with your name (by header I mean capitalize and move to the next line).
  6. leave a blank line and create another header: Educational Background
  7. type the name of the schools and dates you were enrolled in these shools, and the degree you obtained, if any.
  8. leave a blank line and create another header: Work Experience
  9. type the name of the places you worked and the dates, if any.
  10. leave a blank line and create another header: Hobbies and Interests
  11. summarize your hobbies and interests.
  12. Sign and send me the assignment (press Control-X in Pine)! By sign I mean: write your name go the next line and type your e-mail address. This is the standard signature to use on the Net. See below.

    Al Bento

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