INSS 641 - Information Resources Management


The take-home final exam consists of 20 questions regarding applications of information resource management concepts to the cases discussed in class. You should answer each question in no more than one page. The exam is due by 8 PM, December 16, in my e-mail mailbox. The exam is organized by case, with two questions per case. You should use case materials to answer the questions.

For example: to explain competitive advantage (question 1.a) you should explain the concept briefly and discuss how in the Lithonia case they have been using information technology to gain competitive advantage. The emphasis should be in the application of the concepts to the cases.

Questions by cases

  1. Lithonia Lighting

    a. explain competitive advantage

    b. explain Nolan stages of growth

  2. J.B. Ivey & Co.

    a. explain difference between IS planning using a systems plan vs a business plan aproach.

    b. explain how corporate strategy relates to IS planning

  3. ATMI

    a. explain how you can do more with less.

    b. explain the difference between incremental and zero-based budget and the consequences and use of each.

  4. Shadow Partner

    a. explain what factors make a project riskier than others.

    b. explain project feasibility and pilot study approach.

  5. Concordia Casting

    a. explain the importance of project estimates and planning.

    b. explain the importance of project administration and controls.

  6. Rank Xerox

    a. Explain the concept of performance measurement

    b. Explain what is process reengineering

  7. Beth-Israel Hospital

    a. explain the importance of measures, and issues related to their development, in quality management.

    b. explain why a zero-defect objective is important for organizations.

  8. OOPS on Big Iron

    a. explain information architecture.

    b. discuss the issues (pro and con) of changing the information architecture.

  9. Future of Distributed Systems at Aetna

    a. when should a firm use a client-server architecture?

    b. explain the diferences between batch, TSS and CSS.

  10. Du Pont Fibers IS

    a. explain what takes to increase satisfaction of IS personnel.

    b. explain what takes to increase quality of work of IS personnel.

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