Page Development Contract

Guidelines for the "Home Page Contract"

The contract should include the following items (please keep the numbering and headers):

  1. Client: for which organization, department or business the page will be developed? Client contact(s) is/ are to be clearly identified, including address and phone number.

  2. Objective: what is the main purpose of the page? Please take in consideration that some readers will see the page for the first time, while others will be repeat users, and information may be added and changed, throughout its life. Therefore the objective should identify permanent information and variable information in broad terms. Specific items will be identified during project design and implementation.

  3. Scope: what content areas will be included in the page? A home page design includes, generally, a set of pages (presentation), each covering a sub-topic of the main page topic. Given the time constraints for project completion, no more than five (5) pages should be developed for each main page or project. In addition links to other sources and references should also be included in the pages. A generic indication of these links should be included in the scope, and need not be an exhaustive list of sources or references (between three to five is a good ballpark figure).

  4. Client support: what kind of support will the client organization provide? Will there be somebody who later on will be in charge of maintaining the page, who will be participating in the project? Will the content be provided orally, typed / printed, or in any form of computer media? Are there sources of computer media available for page content (diskette with word processing files with content, etc.)? If art and / or graphics are involved, will the client provide a printed image or any form of computer media of the image? What times and days will the client's contact be available to meet with the project team? Any other commitments from the client?

  5. Deliverables: this item is more or less standard in the present case. The project team will provide:

    1. a set of html pages created in one of the project team members WWW directory in UBMail and Home (a mirror from UBMail).
    2. a copy in one 3 1/2 inches diskette of the set of pages developed.
    3. a printed copy of the pages obtained using a text editor (source).
    4. a printed copy of the pages obtained from Netscape (formatted).

  6. Deadlines: the due dates are as follows:

    Draft pages reviewed and approved by client post on the Web May 02, 2002
    Page development presentation (10 minutes). Contact(s) or representative is (are) supposed to attend. May 14, 2002
    Final page deliverables. Client contact(s) e-mail me page evaluation ( May 20, 2002

  7. Signatures: includes date, client's contact(s) name(s) and signature(s), and project members name(s) and signature (no later than April 2, 2002).

This page is maintained by Al Bento who can be reached at This page was last updated on January 16, 2002. Although we will attempt to keep this information accurate, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.