INSS737 - Management of Information Systems - Fall 2000

IT Operations

Lecture notes

IT operations is the least glamorous but the most vital part of IT management for daily organizational operations. Traditionally it has been the blue collar job in IT, employing the largest part of the IT personnel. This is still true in industries dominated by data transcription, where source documents are converted to computer readable media, like banking. The on-line systems implemented to replace most batch systems during the 80's and the 90's moved most of the data entry jobs to the users, reducing drastically the need for data transcription. A classical example in universities is on-line registration.

Case instructions

We will use a simple framework to analyze the BAE Automated Systems: DIA (4-4) case: (a) what is the problem, (b) what are the alternatives, and (c) what are the recommendations; like we have done before. We will discuss the case on the Web and in class.

1. What is the problem?

Why is it a problem? Is there a decision involved? If it is a problem, what are the pros and cons that makes it a problem?

2. What are the alternatives?

What can be done? There is always the do nothing alternative. If everything went well (rosy scenario) what we would like to do? If everything went wrong (doomsday scenario) what should we do? What can we do in between the rosy and the doomsday scenarios? What are pros and cons of each alternative? Be sure to list not only alternatives, but pros and cons.

3. What is you recommendation?

What criteria should we use to select the most suitable alternative in the case? Why you are recommending one alternative versus the others? How this alternative satisfies your criteria? How to implement the alternative you selected?