University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Project 2:
Perl script(s) to search a MySQL data base and display results.

INSS 452/752

Your group will create a MySQL database containing a table courses. You will create Perl script(s) to search the courses table given a course number (like INSS452) and display course description, credits and pre-requisites.

  1. Your first task is to create the MySQL database and the table courses. The undergraduate course descriptions are available here, while the graduate course descriptions are in this page. You can copy and paste, or import one of theses pages (graduate if you are a graduate student, or a undergraduate if you are and undergraduate student) in a word processor, save them as text and use a perl script to create inserts. This is not to be done as a CGI, but you need to include the Perl script in the documentation.

  2. Your second task is to create a script which displays a form with a query to the courses table if the method is get. The Input field in the form should be the course number (like INSS797).

  3. Your third task is to create another Perl script which receives the query input (course number) if the method is post, query the courses table and returns an HTML page with course description, credits, and pre-requisites.

  4. Your fourth task is to copy the page of the BS in MIS or the MS in MIS programs and replace the fixed links to course descriptions with queries to the courses table.

  5. Your last task is to create a page describing the project with links to your perl scripts and the two revised program pages. Upload the scripts and the pages to home.

  6. Finally, post in the Files area of the Forum the URL of your project page in (P2).

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