Readings on Wireless devices security

These are suplementary readings in topics not covered in class

  1. Wireless LAN concepts
  2. monitor vs promiscuous mode
  3. Hyperlink Technologies - Antennas
  4. GPS World
  5. Wardriving and security
  6. Wardriving, including Apps for iOS and Android
  7. A wardriving example and another in California.
  8. NetStumbler news
  9. OmniPeek
  10. Ethereal
  11. WEP
  12. EAP
  13. WPA
  14. Windows Server and EAP-RADIUS
  15. CISCO EAP Authentication with RADIUS Server
  16. Five Steps To WLAN Security -- A Layered Approach
  17. WLAN security shootout
  18. The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page
  19. WLAN Security news, help and research

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