Examples of use of the Web for business

Partially comprised of graduate students' review of sites on the Web, and partially of direct references to sites without reviews. Seventy-two sites were reviewed by graduate students using the MIDIA_C Framework, of which twenty-five were included in this collection. Another twelve sites were added to provide examples of all categories of the MIDIA_C Framework, totaling thirty-seven sites, in order to provide preliminary, inductive, validation of MIDIA_C.


  1. Southwest Airlines review (presence)
  2. Ragu review (presence)
  3. J.Spiegel review (presence)
  4. Automall Online review (sales)
  5. Wells Fargo review (sales-banking online)
  6. First Union review (sales-banking online)
  7. Speak to Me Catalog review (sales)
  8. iMALL review (sales)
  9. BBC review (customer service)
  10. Microsoft review(customer service)
  11. FEDEX review(customer service)
  12. UPS review(customer service)

Information Dissemination

  1. Marinet review (distribution)
  2. Web.Columbia (MD) review (distribution)
  3. Virtual Tourist Map review (distribution)
  4. MIT Complete Works of William Shakespeare review (distribution)
  5. Alaska Regional Office review (publication)
  6. Center for Disease Control review (publication)
  7. Greenpeace International review (publication)
  8. Town Hall review (publication)
  9. CNN review (publication)
  10. c|net review (publication)
  11. Virtual Hospital review (training)
  12. Exemplary Teaching Materials (training)

Information Acquisition

  1. Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service review (technical and scientific)
  2. National Science Foundation (technical and scientific)
  3. U.S. Patents and Trademarks(technical and scientific)
  4. Wall Street Directory (industry)
  5. Small Business Administration (industry)
  6. NTIS (industry)
  7. E-Span review (industry-placement)
  8. NYNEX Yellow Pages (industry)
  9. 1990 Census Lookup (social and economic)
  10. Bureau of Labor Statistics (social and economic)


  1. American Red Cross (volunteer-coordination)
  2. HBO (resource allocation/use)
  3. Intranet examples (resource allocation/use)
  4. Cadence Design Systems (decision support)

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