Obtaining and using KompoZer
(Nvu with bugs fixed)

KompoZer (an offshot of Nvu) is a graphical-based HTML editor. You will type the text and select the HTML tags from tool bars to format your text and you imediately see the results: it is also a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor You can see here a picture of the KompoZer screen below.:

You can obtain KompoZer  for Windows free. It is an open source Web authoring tool available for Windows and Linux. As you can see in the above image it allows you to work both in graphical and text modes, by just clicking on the tabs in the bottom of the screen.

My recommendation for occasional Web site development is for  you to  use  KompoZer in general and the free version of Homesite for some special needs  when working at the text (source) code.

Using KompoZer

You type the page content and format for the content by applying tags available in the tool bar and/or using the pull-down menus provided by Kompozer .  You highlight the word, sentence, etc, and then click on the toolbar to place the tag around what you selected. You do need need to know the HTML  tag, KompoZer will know the corresponding tag and apply it to the text and you will see immediately the effect of the tag you used. 

You can also spell-check, verify links, obtain HTML help, preview your page in a browser,  validate HTML, etc. Many tags can be changed by right-clicking and choosing new values. You can insert Images (gif, jpg, etc files) by clicking in the image symbol and browsing for the name of the file you want.  But before you start using  Nvu, please do the following customization:

KompoZer has a very good User Manual installed, as a Help menu. There are, however, two of  items that are not intuitive in KompoZer:

  1. how to access a local directory to store Web site files. Lets see an example:
  2.  how to apply some HTML tags not visible in the toolbar icons. 

KompoZer has many useful features not easily found in other graphical editors and generates clean HTML code, rather  than XML or other difficult to change source code. Its support for all basic tags, and particularly tables and forms  is outstanding. It does not support directly frames and imagemaps, but can be used for most steps of these two important navigation tools, and what cannot be done in graphical mode, can be easily accomplished by selecting the source tab and entering the necessary code directly.

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