UB students Web space

At University of Baltimore all students have 50 Megabytes of Web space in the UB home.ubalt.edu server. You will be posting your assignments (Web pages) in this Web server. All students have a network account in the format ub##x## or similar. The URL of your pages will start with http://home.ubalt.edu/firsname.lastname/ followed by your page name, where firstname.lastname is your e-mail address without the @ubalt.edu.

Your will be able to post files (Web pages) in your UB Web space using your Web browser in the UB home server. To post files in your UB Web space follow this link to UB enhanced mail and:

You will also post files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in your UB Web space. When you have more than one file to post, and/or you want to create sub-directories, the Web interface is not the best way to do it, but rather FTP is.

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