This collection of 2016 Term Supreme Court citation networks was created with a free online tool available on CourtListener. Every case decided by the Court in the 2016 Term is in the table below with links to CourtListener network visualizations and SCOTUSBlog entries. You can sort table data by column values including network age, number of network cases, and degree of dissent. Read more about our terminology and method below. This collection is part of the SCOTUS Map Library developed by the Supreme Court Mapping Project.

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2016 Term Case (link to CourtListener Visualization) Decided Law at Issue (link to SCOTUSBlog) Network Anchor Decided Network Age 3D cases 3D DOD 2D cases 2D DOD
Bosse v. Oklahoma2016-10-11Eighth AmendmentBooth1987-09-2129.0880.8230.88
Bravo-Fernandez v. United States2016-11-29Double Jeopardy and 18 U. S. C. §666Dunn1932-01-1184.94130.4850.2
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. Rigsby2016-12-06False Claims ActMontalvo1990-05-2926.5420.7520.75
Salman v. United States2016-12-0610(b) of SEA and SEC Rule 10b-5Dirks1983-07-0133.4660.530.75
Samsung Electronics Co. v. Apple Inc2016-12-0635 U. S. C. §289 Patent ActAmerican Fruit Growers1931-03-0285.8230.530.5
Shaw v. United States2016-12-1218 U. S. C. §1344(1)Callanan1961-02-2055.8570.6721
White v. Pauly2017-01-09Qualified ImmunityAnderson1987-06-2529.56190.480.17
Lightfoot v. Cendant Mortgage Corp2017-01-1812 U. S. C. §1723a(a)Califano1977-02-2339.9340.2520
Buck v. Davis2017-02-2228 U. S. C. §2254 and Ineffective Assistance of CounselStrickland1984-06-2532.68330.5660.3
Life Technologies Corp. v. Promega Corp2017-02-22§271(f)(1) of the Patent ActDeepsouth Packing1972-05-3044.7640.7530.63
Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools2017-02-22Individuals with Disabilities Education ActRowley1982-06-2834.6860.450.5
Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Bd. of Elections2017-03-01Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause & Voting Rights Act of 1965Shaw1993-06-2823.69250.73100.78
Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado2017-03-06Colorado Rule of Evidence 606(b) & the Sixth AmendmentReid1852-02-18165.16130.3140
Beckles v. United States2017-03-06U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Manual § 4B1.2(a)(2) & the Due Process ClauseMistretta1989-01-1828.15240.5980.64
Rippo v. Baker2017-03-06the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth AmendmentWithrow1975-04-1641.9270.2940.25

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Network Terminology


Each network was created by the researcher using the free tool on CourtListener. Choice of the Network Anchor Case was based on a reading of the opinion and relevant SCOTUSBlog entry. The textual justification for the Network Anchor Case choice is provided in the visualization's "Description" field. Once an Anchor Case is chosen, the citation networks are generated automatically by the software.

Limitations. Pleast note that the tool does not allow for citation networks with more than 70 cases in them. If a 3D network has more than 70 cases, the tool will return the 2D network only (in the table, "tb" will appear in the 3D column). Finally,since citations between cases are all parsed by computer, the tool does experience occasional data errors. The most common error is for the parser to fail to recognize non-standard cites to recent cases.


This collection of 2016 Term cases was created as part of the Supreme Court Mapping Project. We welcome feedback and will link networks you create on CourtListener to visualizations presented in this table. Reach us by email.