This collection of 2015 Term Supreme Court citation networks was created with a free online tool available on CourtListener. Every case decided by the Court in its 2015 Term is in the table below with links to CourtListener network visualizations and SCOTUSBlog entries. You can sort table data by column values including network age, number of network cases, and degree of dissent. Read more about our terminology and method below. This collection is part of the SCOTUS Map Library developed by the Supreme Court Mapping Project.

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2015 Term Network Data

2015 Term Case (link to CourtListener Visualization) Decided Law at Issue (link to SCOTUSBlog) Network Anchor Decided Network Age 3D cases 3D DOD 2D cases 2D DOD
Maryland v. Kulbicki2015-10-05Ineffective Assistance of CounselStrickland 1984-05-1431.41160.3440.35
Mullenix v. Luna2015-11-09Qualified ImmunityHarlow 1982-06-2433.4200.4470.36
OBB Personenverkehr AG v. Sachs2015-12-01Foreign Sovereign Immunities ActNelson1993-03-2322.7120.3820.38
Shapiro v. McManus2015-12-08Three Judge Panel (28 U.S.C. 2284)Goosby1973-01-1742.9240.1930.25
DIRECTV, Inc. v. Imburgia2015-12-14Federal Arbitration Act Perry1987-06-1528.52160.48110.48
White v. Wheeler2015-12-146A - Juror ExclusionWitherspoon1968-06-0347.56180.5740.56
Bruce v. Samuels2016-01-12Prison Litigation Reform Act + IFPWoodford2006-06-229.5640.2530.25
Hurst v. Florida2016-01-12Jury Death SentencesApprendi2000-06-2615.5680.6960.79
Campbell-Ewald v. Gomez2016-01-20Mootness + FRCP 68Preiser1975-06-2540.6210.3590.36
Kansas v. Carr2016-01-20Death Penalty Mitigation InstructionsBoyde1990-04-2325.76110.8450.8
Montanile v. Board of Trustees2016-01-20ERISA and Equitable ReliefMertens 1993-06-0122.6570.5750.65
Amgen Inc. v. Harris2016-01-25ESOP Fiduciary DutyFifth Third2014-06-251.592020
FERC v. Electric Power Supply Assn.2016-01-25Wholesale Electricity - FPALouisiana Power1972-06-0743.6650.3530.42
James v. Boise2016-01-25SCOTUS SupremacyHughes1980-11-1035.2320.1320.13
Menominee Tribe v. United States2016-01-25Federal Equitable Tolling Pace2005-04-2710.7550.640.63
Montgomery v. Louisiana2016-01-25Retroactivity (Miller)Teague1989-04-1726.79420.68130.73
Musacchio v. United States2016-01-25Sufficiency ReviewJackson1979-10-0136.342020
Gobeille v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co.2016-03-01ERISA PreemptionMet Life1985-06-0330.76230.3990.28
Lockhart v. United States2016-03-01Child Pornography SentencingMandel Bros1959-05-0456.8770.4250.38
Americold Realty v. ConAgra Foods2016-03-07Diversity JurisdictionSteelworkers1965-11-2250.3240.3140.31
Wearry v. Cain2016-03-07Disclosure of Evidence (Brady)Brady1963-05-1352.85200.6180.53
V.L. v. E.L.2016-03-07Full Faith and CreditUnderwriters1982-03-2433.9850.3520
Caetano v. Mass2016-03-212A (Second Amendment)Heller2008-06-267.7430.6730.67
Sturgeon v. Frost2016-03-22ANILCASea-Land2012-03-204.0120.1320.13
Tyson Foods v. Bouaphakeo2016-03-22Class Action CertificationAmchem1997-06-2518.7550.6540.69
Nebraska v. Parker2016-03-22Reservation BoundariesSeymour1962-01-1554.22140.2780.25
Luis v. United States2016-03-306A - Pretrial Asset FreezeMonsanto1989-06-2226.7970.8950.9
Evenwel v. Abbott2016-04-04One Person, One VoteWesberry1964-02-1752.16310.6120.54
Nichols v. United States2016-04-04Sex Offender RegistrationDoe2003-03-0513.0950.540.5
Woods v. Etherton2016-04-04AEDPA DeferenceYarborough2004-06-0111.8560.2920.44
Welch v. United States2016-04-18Retroactivity (Johnson)Teague1989-04-1727.02440.62130.68
Hughes v. Talen Energy2016-04-19FERC PreemptionNantahala1986-06-1729.8650.3150.31
Franchise Tax v. Hyatt2016-04-19Full Faith and CreditCarroll1955-06-0660.9160.4250.5
Molina-Martinez v. US2016-04-20Harmless Error (Fed Sentencing) Olano1993-04-2623140.3660.38
Bank Markazi v. Peterson2016-04-20Separation of PowersRobertson1992-03-2524.0950.650.5
Harris v. AZ Independent Redistricting2016-04-20Equal Protection (Voting)Brown1983-06-2232.8590.7240.75
Heffernan v. City of Patterson2016-04-261A - Mistaken RetaliationLetter Carriers1973-06-2542.87210.6970.75
Ocasio v. United States2016-05-02Hobbs Act ConspiracyEvans1992-05-2623.9520.7520.75
Sheriff v. Gillie2016-05-16Fair Debt Collection Practices ActGregory1991-06-2024.9240.3130.25
Spokeo v. Robins2016-05-16Article III StandingLujan1992-06-1223.94280.46130.54
Husky Int'l Electronics v. Ritz2016-05-16Bankruptcy FraudField1995-11-2820.4840.3140.31
Merrill Lynch et al v. Manning2016-05-16SEA JursidictionPan American1961-05-295570.1430
Zubik v. Burwell2016-05-16RFRA PuntKiyemba2010-03-016.212020
Kernan v. Hinojasa2016-05-16AEDPA DeferenceYlst1991-06-2424.9120.7520.75
CRST Van Expedited v. EEOC2016-05-19Title VII - Attorney FeesChristiansburg1978-01-2338.35120.3350.4
Betterman v. Montana2016-05-196A - Speedy TrialMarion1971-12-2044.44160.360.33
Luna Torres v. Lynch2016-05-19INA - Aggravated DelonyFeola1975-03-1941.270.5740.69
Foster v. Chatman2016-05-23Equal Protection (Batson)Batson1986-04-3030.08240.6380.53
Wittman v. Personhuballah2016-05-23Article III Standing (Congress)Diamond1986-04-3030.08110.3250.2
Green v. Brennan2016-05-23Title VII - Limitations PeriodRicks1980-12-1535.46110.770.68
Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes2016-05-31APA and Clean Water ActFrozen Food1956-04-2360.1570.2130.33
Johnson v. Lee2016-05-31Federal Habeas - State DefaultColeman1991-09-1324.73120.3890.36
Lynch v. Arizona2016-05-31Due Process - Parole Ineligibilty (Simmons)Simmons1994-06-072270.7550.7
Simmons v. Himmelreich2016-06-06Federal Tort Claims ActSmith1991-03-2025.2320.1320.13
Ross v. Blake2016-06-06Prison Litigation Reform Act - ExhaustionBooth1991-05-2925.0450.1540.19
Williams v. Pennsylvania2016-06-09Due Process - Judicial BiasMurchison1955-05-1661.11240.4590.39
Dietz v. Bouldin2016-06-09Inherent Power - Jury RecallLink1962-06-2553.9990.550.55
Purto Rico v. Sanchez Valle2016-06-09Double Jeopardy - SovereigntyWaller1970-04-0646.2170.3640.25
Halo Electronics v. Pulse Electronics2016-06-13Patents - Enhanced DamagesFogerty1994-03-0122.36040
Puerto Rico v. Franklin Cal. Tax-Free Trust2016-06-13Bankruptcy - PreemptionRon Pair1989-02-2227.3270.5420.75
United States v. Bryant2016-06-136A - Unrepresented Predicate OffensesBurgett1967-11-1348.62120.6360.5
Kingdomware Technoloiges v. United States2016-06-16Veterans Benefits ActLexecon1998-03-0318.32020
Universal Health Services v. United States2016-06-16False Claims ActNeder1999-06-1017.0340.1920.38
Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley and Sons2016-06-16Copyright Act FeesFogerty1994-03-0122.315040
Encinco Motorcars v. Navarro2016-06-20Fair Labor Standards ActState Farm1983-06-2433.01170.4750.45
Utah v. Strieff2016-06-204A - Exclusionary RuleBrown1975-06-2641.01330.71100.72
Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee2016-06-20Patents - Inter Partes ReviewBlock1984-06-0432.07120.4460.38
Taylor v. United States2016-06-20Hobbs Act - Commerce LimitsLopez1995-04-2621.17110.5560.58
RJR Nabisco v. European Community2016-06-20RICO - ExtraterritorialityBenz1957-04-0859.24130.450.55
Fisher v. University of Texas2016-06-23Equal Protection - Affirmative ActionBakke1978-06-2838.01310.74110.86
Birchfield v. North Dakota2016-06-234A - Body SearchesSkinner1989-03-2127.28190.5760.71
Mathis v. United States2016-06-23ACCA - Past State ConvictionsTaylor1990-05-2926.09140.3990.42
McDonnell v. United States2016-06-27Honest Services FraudEvans1992-05-2624.120.3820.38
Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt2016-06-27Abortion RestrictionsCasey1992-06-2924.01170.5490.64
Voisine v. United States2016-06-27Gun Control - 18 USC 922Hayes2009-02-247.3450.2530.33

2015 Term Statistics

Network Terminology


Each network was created by the researcher using the free tool on CourtListener. Choice of the Network Anchor Case was based on a reading of the opinion and relevant SCOTUSBlog entry. The textual justification for the Network Anchor Case choice is provided in the visualization's "Description" field. Once an Anchor Case is chosen, the citation networks are generated automatically by the software.

Limitations. Pleast note that the tool does not allow for citation networks with more than 70 cases in them. If a 3D network has more than 70 cases, the tool will return the 2D network only (in the table, "tb" will appear in the 3D column). Finally,since citations between cases are all parsed by computer, the tool does experience occasional data errors. The most common error is for the parser to fail to recognize non-standard cites to recent cases.


This collection of 2015 Term cases was created as part of the Supreme Court Mapping Project. We welcome feedback and will link networks you create on CourtListener to visualizations presented in this table. Reach us by email.