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  This page is a portal to a page that displays several galleries of Blair's photography. Each gallery displays small copies of the images. To view a full screen version of the image, simply click on the small "thumbnail" copy and the larger image will open automatically. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the gallery. I post most of my photos to Flickr now because it is easier to post them, and easier for you to see a slide show of the images. Please visit  

Older images were made with an Olympus C-3030 (3 MP) point-and-shoot. Most images posted after January 2005 were made with a Canon 20D (8 MP). Images posted after April, 2007 were made with the Canon 40D. The images have been fine-tuned in Photoshop. Most gallery images are reduced to a smaller size, typically 1200 X 800 pixels. Constructive comments on the images are welcome - send e-mail to


All the text and pictures on this Web Site property of Blair Blankinship and are copyright 2001 - 2007 Blair Blankinship*.

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Printing of photos for personal use: If you want a copy of one of my images to stick on your fridge or hang on your wall for your personal use and (hopefully) enjoyment, you may print anything you like from my site. If you have a personal home page or non-commercial Web site, feel free to use my images with a hyperlinked credit on every page where one of my images appears. For example, “image(s) courtesy of Blair Blankinship see"