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I recommend to visit this site prior to asking me any question. I will post here the Previously-asked Questions (PAQ) frequently, therefore, there is a chance that the answer to your question is already posted here. Please, E-mail me your questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you. Professor Hossein Arsham

  1. I have Windows NT. I installed the CD. I can get access to the adobe and excel files. Step 6 on web site on Winqsb (QSB) installation instructions states I could click LP-ILP.exe. I click the file and I get: "Setup error - could not copy file" I re-installed but still the same problem. Any recommendations.

    The following works on Windows 2000.
    Place the book's CD in your drive.
    Click on Start, Run, and type in d:\winqsb\setup.exe
    After it finishes installing, shortcuts to the programs (like linear programming) are automatically added to your start menu. Just click on Start, Programs, WinQSB

  2. I cannot install the QSB, I've tried everything.

    Unfortunately, you may have a defect CD-ROM. You may like to have mine to install. Please, let me know to bring my CD-ROM to you in our next class meeting.

  3. My computer does not have a CD-ROM drive. What should I do?

    You may like to consider what one of your classmates did "Because of problems with my CD-ROM drive, I had to have a friend install on his computer and then send it to me through email. I was able to install it that way with no problems. I'm not technically knowledgeable enough send it to others that way, but if others are, perhaps they can share their good copies with those who are having problems."

  4. I ran LINDO for prblem 2.7. The only thing that I did not understand was : LP OPTIMUM FOUND AT STEP 0. How could it be step 0. it has first to move in order to find out a result.....?

    A very good question. You are right, such a message is very misleading. Unfortunately, Lindo keeps the record of any previous activities done prior to solving any problem you submit in its memory. Therefore it does not show exactly how many iterations it took to solve your specific problem. Here is a detail explanation and remedy for finding exact number of iterations: I suppose you run the problem more than once, or solve a problem similar. To find out really how many iterations it take to solve any specific problem. You must quit Lindo and then re-enter, retype and resubmit the problem afresh. Then exact number of vertices (excluding the origin) visited by simplex to reach the optimal solution (if it exists) will be shown correctly.

  5. In order to type my interpretations of the results obtained from QSB package, I'm having trouble copying and pasting the QSB tables into Word. What should I do?

    Your time worth much more than this. Hand written submission is fine. I do expect you spend your time on understanding the concepts, the keywords & phrases, and the decision making techniques we are learning, rather than training the PC technology in this course. This is unnecessary.

  6. I am having trouble with the homework. I have not tried the Win QSB because I wanted to figure it out on my own. That has not happened. Help me.

    See me at your earliest convenience, to catch-up with your classmates. I'm available and glad to help everyone of you 7-day/week. Just let me know when you wish to see me.

  7. I can't find the Zero Saga Page. Can someone let me know where to find it?

    Here is the direct link to the Zero Saga.

  8. Do you prefer if I post my questions to you or to the Web board?

    Whichever means you feel more comfortable.

  9. I have no computer to install WinQSB. Is it possible to use university computer network?

    Sure. The QSB is available on the NT server. To reach the system you need an NT account. To obtain your NT account see the Technical Assistance (TA) at the lower level of Business Center. After obtaining your username and a password then you can access the NT system. To reach the QSB, click on Start, choose the Business School Applications, then click on the Shortcut to QSB, or QSB. Then, pick-up the application you wish. All QSB applications are therein.
    Enjoy the QSB friendly package.

  10. This is my first MBA class so I don't know and I didn't look to far in the book but Chapter 5 is talking about Integer Programming but there aren't any on the sample Mid exam?

    I'm glad you are sharing your feelings with me. I believe, it is very natural to have a little bit of anxiety about any exam. However, this feeling should not become out of control, that is, hygiene of mind. I am sure you'll do as fine as you are doing your weekly assignments.

    As you expected, unlike the weekly assignments, the exams has a time limit of two continuos hours. There will not be any surprises in your exams, however, I would like you to prepare your "Summary Sheets", and do a very careful review.

    Again your midterm and final examinations will be close-book. You must prepare your summary sheets before taking each exam. Duration of the exam is 2-hour each.

  11. Some of these problems, like the algebra method are time consuming.

    You are right. If there be any algebraic method question in your exam, it would be a small size problem.

  12. The final exam is comprehensive or only Ch.8?

    It is a comprehensive one.

  13. When is the mid exam?

    The stated date on the course Web site is our (still) tentative date.

  14. You said that 50% of the first exam would be to perform post solution analysis. Problem #3 on the sample exam looks like a Simplex matrix problem that so far you haven't covered.

    Problem # 3 can be solved easily by the Algebraic method. Simplex method is computer implementation and extension of the Algebraic method which is available in your WinQSB Software that we are using extensively.

  15. What chapters does it cover?

    To find out what chapters does it cover, please see the course Web site, under "Assignments to do before each class meeting and sample tests" This means your are responsible for all the chapters you are assigned to read and doing homework.

  16. I contacted LINDO because I was unable to download it from the Internet. Are we only going to use WinQSB?

    Yes, QSB package is enough for this course.

  17. Do I need to worry about Excel?

    Not for this course. However, you should be able to learn it on your own. However, if you are interested in using Excel for OR/MS/DS application, here is a good site with many goodies: OR Interactive

  18. What about Lindo?

    LINDO is also a popular software which solves linear program. LP/ILP application of QSB does the same operations (but much easier) as the whole Lindo does.
    The name LINDO is an abbreviation of Linear INteractive Discrete Optimization. Here, the word "Discrete" means jumping from one basic feasible solution (BFS) to the next one rather than crawling around the feasible region in search of the optimal BFS (if it exists).

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