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/ sites / / ntsbarsh / Business-stat / simulation
Last mirrored: Friday 10 November 2006
The following files are likely to contain useful descriptive text:
[html] sim.htm  219.5K  30-Oct-2006 
This directory and those below it contain an estimated 2.1M. Download as [tar]
Parent directory
[picture] BarchMeans.gif  2.7K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] fig2.gif  22.0K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] fig41.gif  6.0K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] GoalSeeker.gif  2.2K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] gradient.gif  7.5K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] LIKELIHOODRATIO.GIF  3.2K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] NSF.GIF  2.7K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] optimizer.gif  4.5K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] PERTURBATION.GIF  3.3K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] Regenertive.gif  2.1K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] Reliable4Elements.gif  2.3K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] Replications.gif  2.7K  05-Sep-2004 
[picture] sep1.gif  2.0K  05-Sep-2004 
[html] sim.htm  219.5K  30-Oct-2006 
[binary] Sim89.pdf  1.8M  18-Jan-2005 
[picture] system.gif  4.5K  05-Sep-2004 
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