Professor of Management and Global Business

Academic Director of the Center for Global Business Studies

Merrick School of Business

Faculty Profile at Merrick School of Business

University of Baltimore


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Lima, Peru

Teaching Interests:

International Business Strategy: MGMT 781    Strategy Brochure

Study Abroad Courses:        Merrick School of Business MGMT 302 Global Business Environment, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Global Business Practicum:   MGMT 496        MGMT 796

Practicum Brochure for students

Global Business Environment:

Leadership and Teams

Teaching Approach:

Focus on application

Stress thinking and analytical skills

Case discussions

Team Projects

Experiential exercises

Focus on clear writing and oral expression

Relating to real world events

London, England

Research Interests:

Leadership and Empowerment

International Comparative Practices

Self-Directed Teams

Project Teams and Management

Management of Change

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Merrick School Service:

Professor of Management and International Business

Director, Center for Global Business Studies  

Director, Global Business Practicum

MBA Specialization Advisor, International Business

Undergraduate Specialization Advisor, International Business

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Recent Books Published:

GO TEAM! Take your team to the next level with Ken Blanchard,  and Peter B.Grazier.(Get more information in Berrett-Koehler.)

Empowerment Takes More Than A Minute (2nd ed.) with Ken Blanchard and John P. Carlos (Business Week Best Seller)
(For more information see Berrett-Koehler)

Checkered Flag Projects: Ten Rules For Planning and Managing Projects That Win!
with Barry Z. Posner
(For more information see Financial Times-Prentice Hall --enter "Checkered Flag Projects" in Quick Search Box)

The 3 Keys to Empowerment: Release the Power within People for Astonishing Results
with Ken Blanchard and John P. Carlos 
(For more information see Berrett-Koehler)

The Organization Game
with Robert H. Miles and Edward R. Kemery.

Managing Organizational Behavior with Richard S. Blackburn.


Recent Articles Published:

"Implementing and sustaining empowerment: Lessons learned from comparison of a for-profit and a non-profit organization." with S.Silver and S. Siebert in Journal of Management Inquiry.

"Taking Empowerment to the next level: A multiple-level model of Empowerment, Performance, and Satisfaction." with S.Seibert and S.Silver in Academy of Management Journal.

"Can Organizational Empowerment Work in Multinational Settings?" with M.Sashkin  in Academy of Management Executive

"Rethinking Empowerment : Why Is It So Hard to Achieve?" in Organizational Dynamics"

Strategic Choices and Environmental Uncertainity: The Impact of Executive Knowledge About about the European Union on Strategic Choices" with D.S.Cook, J.Cook, and B.Shaw in Gestion 2000

Business Experience:

Consultant to businesses in Global Business Leadership, Empowerment, Teamwork, Project Management, and Performance Management.

International seminar and workshop leader in Empowerment, Leadership and Change Issues 

Taught at universities in Maryland, South Carolina, Connecticut, California, France, Poland, and Peru. 

Marketing Analyst for Exxon Corporation

Shanghai, China

Education Credentials:

Ph. D. Business Administration, University of Massachusetts 

M.S.B.A. Human Resource Management, University of Massachusetts 

Bachelors Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Berlin, Germany