Tom Mitchell, Ph.D.

University of Baltimore

Master of Science Industrial and Organizational Psychology  

College of Arts and Sciences

Office: Learning Commons Room 411 
Office Hours for spring 2024 (by appointment)
        1420 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201         

Phone: Mobile: 410 812 0354
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The courses I am teaching this spring 2024 are: 


 Other Courses taught:

Careers in Psychology  PPT Presentation

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P       Pictures of famous psychologists other than Dr. Mitchell

UB I-O Adjunct Faculty:

o   Peter Leeds, Ph.D.

o   Elliot Lasson, Ph.D

Research Area: Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology

My general areas of interests are in understanding how organizations can foster a more cooperative work environment and how employees' social self-awareness may influence supervisors' beliefs about their work performance capability.   

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