PSYC 250 Social Psychology Spring 2015

Applied Social Psychology paper


As part of your coursework requirement for this course (PSYC 250 Social Psychology) you will write a paper describing how social psychological concepts and theories can be applied to real life situations.

It must be submitted to Sakai (webboard for class) as an attachment in MS Word.



Choose an applied social psychology topic from one of the three chapters from Part Four of Myers’ text, or from some other source. Additional applied social psychology (ASP) topics are listed below. Identify within the domain of the applied topic you have chosen, at least three concepts or theories that can be used to explain the thoughts feelings, and behavioral phenomena that occur in that applied setting. You must cite and reference research findings that support your arguments for why and how the concepts/theories apply.

Outline of Paper

1.    Title: “The Application of Social Psychological Theories and Concepts to (Your Topical Area)”  


2.    Abstract:  A brief summary of your paper (not more than 200 words


3.    Introduction: About ¾ page to explain how applied social psychology relates to the topic


4.    Applications of social psychological concepts in (your topical area)

a.     Concept / Theory #1

i.                Application example

ii.             How the concept can be applied to address issues

b.    Concept / Theory #2 (repeat i. & ii. Above)


c.     Concept / Theory #3 (repeat i. & ii. Above)

d.    Concept / Theory (additional ones)


5.                Conclusion and Summary

a.           Show how a better understanding the social psychology concepts and theories can be
       useful in addressing issues in this topical area

6.    References (APA style)


Requirements for paper

 1: In 4 above, provide specific examples that show how the concepts are played out in real life situation. Draw from (1) your own experiences, (2) having observed others’ experiences, or (3) create some from your imagination.

 2: Please SINGLE SPACE. The paper must be not more than 4 SINGLE spaced pages, or approximately 2500 words.

 3: References:

(1) You must provide at least one reference for each concept or theory
  (usually a seminal article)

(2) You must find and reference at least two recent (after 2013) articles for each of the three
      (or more) concepts/theories you use.

(3) Submit to Sakai assignment folder in MS Word

Grading Rubric:

Your grade for the paper will be based upon:

(1) The quality of editing and proofreading (must be free of proofreading errors for a “B” grade)

(2) The quality of your arguments showing how the concepts are applied

(3) The novelty and originality of your arguments  

(4) Adherence to APA style 

Other topical areas of Applied Social Psychology:

·       Industrial and Organizational Psychology

·       Sports Teams

·       Health

·       Everyday life

·       Education

·       Criminal Justice System

·       Community Psychology Environment (chapter 16 in Myers)

·       Diversity (cultural/personal/conflict)