Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey
(Trait Descriptions)

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G     General activity

 Rapid pace of activities                           vs     Slow and deliberate pace
 Energy; vitality                                        vs     Fatigability
 Keeping in motion                                   vs     Pausing for rest
 Production; efficiency                              vs     Low production; inefficiency
 Liking for speed                                      vs     Liking for slow pace
 Hurrying                                                 vs     Taking time
 Quickness of action                                vs     Slowness of action
 Enthusiasm; liveliness

R     Restraint (opposite of former trait of rhythmia)

                                                                          Happy-go-lucky; carefree
 Deliberate                                               vs       Impulsive
 Persistent effort

A     Ascendance

 Self defense                                           vs     Submissiveness
 Leadership habits                                   vs     Habits of following
 Speaking with individuals                        vs     Hesitation to speaking
Speaking in public                                   vs     Hesitation to speaking
Persuading others
Being conspicuous                                  vs     Avoiding conspicuousness

S     Sociability (formerly called “social extraversion,” opposite “social introversion” or

 Having many friends and                    vs      Few friends and acquaintances
 Entering into conversations                 vs         Refraining from conversations
 Liking social activities                         vs          Disliking social activities
 Seeking social contacts                       vs        Avoiding social contacts
 Seeking limelight                                 vs     Avoiding limelight

E     Emotional stability (opposite to a combination of the former traits of C, cycloid
        disposition, and D, depressive tendencies)

Evenness of moods, interests,              vs     Fluctuation of moods, interests,
 energy, etc.                                                    energy, etc.
 Optimism; cheerfulness                      vs     Pessimism; gloominess
                                                                  Perseveration of ideas and moods
 Composure                                       vs      Excitability
 Feeling in good health                        vs      Feeling in ill health
                                                                   Feelings of guilt, loneliness or worry

O     Objectivity

 Being “thickskinned”                      vs   Hypersensitiveness
                                                            Egoism; self-centeredness
                                                            Suspiciousness; fancying of hostility
                                                            Having ideas of reference
                                                             Getting into trouble

F Friendliness (former trait of agreeableness, Ag)

 Toleration of hostile action             vs     Belligerence; readiness to flight
                                                              Hostility, resentment
                                                              Desire to dominate
 Acceptance of domination              vs    Resistance to domination
 Respect for others                          vs    Contempt for others

T Thoughtfulness (formerly called “thinking introversion”)

 Reflectiveness; meditativeness
 Observing of behavior in others
 Interested in thinking                          vs Interested in overt activity
 Philosophically inclined
 Observing of self
 Mental poise                                       vs Mental disconcertedness

P Personal relations (formerly cooperativeness, Co)

 Tolerance of people                              vs     Hypercriticalness of people;  faultfinding habits
 Faith in social institutions                        vs     Criticalness of institutions
                                                                      Suspiciousness of others
                                                                       Self pity

M Masculinity

 Interest in masculine                               vs     Interest in feminine
   activities and vocations                                    activities and vocations
Not easily disgusted                                 vs    Easily disgusted
Hardboiled                                              vs    Sympathetic
Resistant to fear                                       vs    Fearful
                                                                      Romantic interests
Inhibition of emotional                              vs   Emotional expressiveness
Little interest in clothes                              vs   Much interest in clothes and styles
   and styles
                                                                       Dislike of vermin