Job Satisfaction

Discussion Questions for group discussion

1. What are some of the difficulties in the measurement of employee job satisfaction?
    How might I/O psychologists try to deal with these problems?

2. How does job satisfaction relate to important bottom-line outcomes such as performance,
    absenteeism, and turnover. Support your conclusions.

3. What would be the contents of a good, comprehensive program to increase job satisfaction?
    What elements would you include in each?

4. Compare and contrast the MSQ with the JDI with regard to the number of facets each measures.
    What are their respective advantages and disadvantages?

5. Recall a job you have held in the past. Rate your overall satisfaction (global) on a scale from
    1 (really disliked) to 5 (really liked).
    Now rate your satisfaction with various facets (work, pay, promotions, co-workers, supervision).
    Are the ratings for the facets consistent with your global rating?

6. Think of a time in which you felt particularly satisfied and dissatisfied with your job and identify
     reasons for those feelings. Do the reasons correspond to Herzberg's content/context factors?

7. Can employees ever be truly satisfied with pay? Or will they always want more?

8. Do you believe employee job attitudes are relatively stable across time and work experiences,
    or do they vary considerably over time as a result of short term job experiences?

9. How would you design a team work environment to minimize job dissatisfaction?
    Consider factors such as social relationships, group structure, status relations, etc.
    What are some potential issues you would expect to emerge that would be unique to teamwork?

10. How important is perceived fairness in determining employee commitment to a work-place?
      How important is fairness in determining employee performance?

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