From Gene Johnson (HRDIV_NET@EMAIL.RUTGERS.EDU) re: literature for tellers
This may be useful for  the First Piggy Case.

Last week I asked about research on the changing jobs of bank tellers,
particularly as salespeople. Following is a compilation of what I received,
in no particular order. Chip Hunter at The Wharton School is currently
working on some banking projects, and I highly recommend the two papers
listed below. Thanks to all who contributed.

Barling, J., Weber, T., & Kelloway, E. K. (1996). Effects of
transformational leadership training on attitudinal and financial
outcomes: A field experiment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81, 827-832.
They investigated the effect of training bank managers in transformational
leadership on sales performance.

Hunter, L. W. (1999) Transforming retail banking: Inclusion and segmentation
in service work. In P. Cappelli (Ed.), Employment practices and business
strategy (pp. 153-192). New York: Oxford University Press.

Hunter, L. W., & Hitt, L. M. (1999?). What makes a high-performance
workplace? Evidence from retail bank branches. Under review.

Evans, K.R., Arnold, T. J., and Grant, J.A. (1999). Combining Service and
Sales at the Point of Customer Contact. Journal of Service Research, 2(1),

"in 1988 (I think) Chuck Crowell & co. had a paper on bank tellers & sales
in the Journal of Applied Behvaior Analysis" (I didn't find this one)

"a few years later Beth Sulzer-Azaroff had a follow up to it in the Journal
of Organizational behavior Mgt" (which I think is Brown, C. S., &
Sulzer-Azaroff, B. (1994). An assessment of the relationship between
customer satisfaction and service friendliness. Journal of Organizational
Behavior Management, 14(2), 55-76.

There are a few gems in the banking literature per se to be found, listed
below. There is a heap of trade magazine material, mostly anecdotal and
"this is what I do." A summary I would take from this material is that banks
are still finding it difficult to get not only tellers but also platform
employees (bankers and specialists) to sell, because it goes against their
idea of banking. There also appears to be no consensus as to whether tellers
should be cross-trained to do higher-level, platform jobs, in line with
high-performing work system theory.

ABA Banking Journal. (1999, February). Bank sales culture quotient: How far
has it come? pp. S18-19.  Small, but useful survey results.

Berry, L. L., & Kantak, D. M. (1989). Personal selling in the US banking
industry: 1983 and 1988. Another good survey on sales orientation in banks,
but a bit dated. Doesn't appear to be followed up since.

Clark, D. (1998). Sales mastery training prepares employees for First
Union's future bank. Journal of Retail Banking Services, 20(2), 35-42.

Rasmussen, E. (1999, August). The 10 traits of top salespeople. Sales &
Marketing Management, pp. 34-37. A survey of top salespeople re what makes
them tops.

Gene Johnson, PhD