Posting of Comments on Sakai for Assigned Article Readings



Note: Comments on readings must be posted by 4:AM Monday before the class session date assigned. This will allow me enough time to review them!

Purposes of posting comments:

1. Ensure that you are well prepared for class discussions.

2. To prepare you for the exams

Instructions for posting comments:


For each article, only of the students will be required to post. This will be designated as students with EVEN # ODD #, TOP HALF, or BOTTOM half.


Find your student roster number on Sakai Discussion board or on syllabus Class Roster number for Sakai posting requirements


Others are welcome to post if you feel the urge!


Choose either option one or two below.


Option one (early bird): the first respondent should provide a brief summary of the article describing:

1.     What prompted the author(s) to write the article

2.    What was done, i.e. the mothodology (e.g. quantitative, qualitative, position paper)

3.     Essential findings (results for research studies)

4.     Essential conclusions (keep it succinct and short.)


Option two: All subsequent respondents please answer one of the Article Questions linked to the article on the syllabus. You may answer a question that has been addressed before your posting if you critique the answer or provide a different answer.


Or provide your own insights on implications and/or applications:


Implications that the findings and/or conclusions have on the theory and practice of I-O psychology, particularly issues involving motivation, satisfaction, and leadership. (Note that some findings may have implications for all three issues or for none).


Applications (other than the obvious) for how the findings or conclusions can be used by I-O consultants to improve organizational functioning. Particular emphasis should be placed on the potential the findings have for solving the HBR case problems.

We will review and discuss the postings in class.


        Please write succinctly, clearly and proofread them before posting to Sakai.

        Do not reiterate or duplicate previous responses unless you have something to add or critique.

        Bullets are appropriate where appropriate (Y Berra)

         Do not start a new thread.