Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ) (1989)

Edwin Fleishman, Ph.D. (1989). Ohio State leadership studies, 1950s

Published by Science Research Associates, revised edition 1989,  McMillan/McGraw Hill pub.

Measures two important dimensions of leadership: Consideration and Structure

The Supervisory Behavior Description (SBD)  is used by subordinates to rate supervisor (old LBDQ)


Relationships with subordinates characterized by:

     High score: Good rapport and two-way communications

    Low score: More impersonal in relations with group members


Defines own and subordinates’ roles toward goal attainment

High score: Takes very active role in directing activities through

 Low score: Relatively inactive in giving direction.

LOQ can be used in organizations for

Independent scales derived from FA of 140 items. Self –scored.
Reliabilities .64 to .88; validities in the range from -.10 to + .61 (both scales)