The Big Five Personality Dimensions

                                          C A N O E



            This includes such traits as persistence, doggedness, hardworking, as well as dependable,
            thorough, and responsible.
            The opposite pole is lazy.


            This reflects being liked, courtesy, good-natured, cooperative, forgiving, soft hearted.
            The opposite pole is, of course, Disagreeable.


           This reflects anxiety, depression, anger worry, and insecurity.
           The opposite pole is called Emotional Stability.

Open to Experience

          This reflects imaginative, creative, broad-minded and intelligent.
          The opposite pole is Closed Mindedness.


          This reflects sociability, gregariousness, talkativeness, and activity.
          The opposite pole of the dimension  is Introversion.

Reference: Barrick, M. R., & Mount, M. K. (1991). The big five personality dimensions and job performance: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology, 44, 1-26.