Appl 644 Personnel Psychology


Four Team Projects:


1. Job Analysis

2. Criteria for Performance Appraisal (requires data analysis)

3. Selection procedure (requires data analysis)

4. Training and Development Program


Team members will choose a job which they will (1) analyze, and for which they will develop (2) a performance appraisal for, (3) an applicant selection procedure, and (4) a program for training and development.  Each project will incorporate the relevant course material to ensure that it is completed in a manner consistent with expectations of a professional consultant.


Four Projects:


1. Job Analysis (does not require data analysis) 

Assignment: decide online (Sakai) how you will conduct the team effort.

1. Leadership strategy (choose a leader/facilitator to ensure deadlines are met)  
2. Assign tasks to each team member
3. Assign report writing tasks
4. Decide how team members will serve as SMEs   


2. Performance Appraisal (requires data analysis)


            Issues to consider:

  1. Role of PA in Performance management
  2. Conflicting Dual purposes of PA (administration and development)
  3. Focus on behavior and/or results
  4. Measurement issues: objective v. subjective, rating freq or evaluations, 
  5. Perceived fairness (procedural & distributive justice)
  6. Role of feedback in performance management  
  7. Aggregating (items, dimensions, overall), weighting
  8. Multi-rater issues
  9.  Explain reasons for choice of demographic (employee attributes)
  10. Explain reasons for choice of Organizational groups (jobs, depts, geo, etc.)
  11. Explain use of Criteria: subjective and objective (reliability/validity)
  12. Construct SPSS data structure (var names, var labels, value labels)
  13.  Conduct Data analysis for PA projects
  14. Submit report / prepare for oral exam

3. Selection procedure (requires data analysis)


            Issues to consider:


1.      Criterion reliability (over time/ inter-rater agreement; reliability)

2.      Attenuation in predictor/criterion

3.      Why you chose criteria: behavioral/performance results / archival data /

4.       Why you chose predictors:
(Predictor types:  Biodata, Work samples CAT, personality inventories, interviews, SJT, Assessment Centers

5.      Modes of testing (explain possible alternatives)

6.       Explain how you handled project issues of buy-in with mgt and incumbents.

7.       Explain Inter-rater reliability, agreement results (include literature/theory)

8.      Criterion reliability, corrections for unreliability

9.       Placement of predictors (for temporal order for effectiveness, i.e. incremental validity; and cost factors)

10.  Why Demographics were chose: (theoretical purpose of grouping variables in analysis. e.g. gender/race/job class /region etc.

11.   Explain potential adverse impact issues and how you address them in intro/method/results.

12.  Explain decision to aggregate across raters at item or dimension level

13.  Submit report and prepare for oral exam.


4. Program for Training and Development


  1.  Describe the training program you would develop.
  2. How could you use technology to assist your training program?
  3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses associated with the training methods you selected.
  4. Describe the reason for your method? What research and theory would support your use of this training program?
  5. Discuss your strategy for evaluating the training programs.
  6. Discuss how you are going to ensure transfer of training.