Appl 645 Personnel Assessment


Personnel Assessment Project (PAP)

As part of your course requirements, you will complete a Personnel Assessment Project (PAP). The purpose of the project is to demonstrate your competence in designing and developing a valid test battery and performance appraisal for a specific job.

The PAP Project will account for 20% of your course grade. It will be evaluated on the

1.      Thoroughness of the how well the development incorporated theory and practice

2.      Extent to which it is consistent with sound principles of IO psychology

3.      Quality of the report and deliverables attached.

Instructions: To construct a selection protocol and performance appraisal for an O*Net job

1.      Select a job from O*Net O*Net (job descriptions)

2.      Interview a job incumbent (if possible)

3.      Construct a job description that can be used for recruitment.

4.      Develop a valid selection battery (at least three predictors and an interview protocol
NOTE (very important):

 f                  For selecting a cognitive ability test use one  OTHER THAN THE WPT or WGCTA

F                  For selecting a personality inventory use one OTHER THAN THE NEO FFi or PI-R

       NOTE: for a good reference in Langsdale Reserves (BF 176 c. 654 for predictors see:
the contents of :
Comprehensive Hanbook of Psychological Assessment (2004), Ed Michel Hersen (vol 4)

a.      Provide validity evidence (content/criterion related studies/VG construct)

b.      Provide evidence-based reasoning for choices over alternatives

c.       Establish and justify the testing sequence and multiple hurdle/compensatory

5.      Develop a performance appraisal to be used for administrative purposes

6.      Present to class with PPT (ten minutes)

7.      Provide a written report to Management (instructor) describing the project and appending deliverables: 1. Position Description, 2. Selection Protocol, 3. Performance Appraisal Form)

In writing this report you will need to be able to communicate to management in terms they will understand, i.e. interpret more technical I-O language in lay or business terminology. The PAP report will be limited to 2000 words (not including tables/figures, appendices), written in APA style and include:

         A title

o   Make the title descriptive of the project

         Executive Summary

o   See how to write an executive summary


o   Purpose of the study is provide the management with:

  A proposed selection procedure that will

         Ensure that the best applicants are hired

         Protect against legal liability

  A valid Performance Appraisal that can be used for:

         Administrative and / or development

o   Justification for the importance of using evidence-based procedures

  Literature to support

         Why a job analysis is essential for the project

         Why and what you are doing, e.g. importance and utility of using sound methodology (type of validity strategy)

         Benefits that accrue to management from the PAP


o   How you went about the process:

  Job information from O*Net

  Survey of potential predictors

  Investigation of Performance Appraisal strategy and justification for choosing your strategy for both administrative and development

         Results and Discussion

  Summary of findings and deliverables

  Position description (for recruitment) (Attach as Appendix A)

  Description of the proposed selection protocol - (Attach as Appendix B) include a table)

  How it will be used and justification for how it will be used

         i.e. sequence/multiple hurdle/compensatory, etc., Selection protocol (for management and HR) What validity strategy you recommend be conducted to ensure it will withstand legal challenges

  Performance Appraisal - (Attach as Appendix C)

              Why its valid and how it will be used by the organization,  Expected benefits to the organization (in terms of utility and legal)

  Recommendations for future revalidation, updating job description




o   Position Description (Appendix A)

o   Selection protocol (Appendix B)

o   Performance Appraisal Form with instructions for rating (Appendix C)

NOTE see: Books and Tests for Langsdale holdings for tests and measures (do not use WPT or WGCTA from GMA tests.)