Practical Applications in I/O Psychology 655

Team Project Management

Description and Procedures for :

 *** Project Report***

The Project Team Faciliator (PTF) will submit a 1500 word maximum, single-spaced Project Report, to management It will be submitted as an attacment in the Sakai assignment folder.

The report must include a one page executive summary (max 300 words)  and a narrative which consists of the following sections: (described in more detail below

  1. Title page (name of project)
  2. Executive summary
  3. Description of the situation that prompted the project (opportunity problem situation)
  4. Goal and objectives and timeline for the project
  5. Potential strategies considered
  6. Action plans to accomplish the objectives
  7. Results / findings of actions taken
  8. Conclusion and recommendations for follow up
  9. Appendices: (1) Documents, (2) SPSS printouts where appropriate 

Procedure for Project Team Management:  (see also, Group Problem Solving Strategies at bottom of page)

  (Organize the team)

Guidelines for writing Project Report*

* Use APA style for citing references
Group Problem Solving Strategies

 Groups that work

Vroom, V. H. & Yetton, P.W. (1973) Leadership and Decision Making University of Pittsburgh Press

CII "You share the problem with your subordinates as a group, obtaining their collective ideas and suggestions. then you make the decision, which may or may not reflect your subordinates' influence."

GII "You share the problem with your subordinates as a group. Together you generate and evaluate alternatives and attempt to reach agreement (consensus) on a solution. Your role is much like that of chairman (sic). You do not try to influence the group to adopt "your" solution, and you are willing to accept and implement any solution which has the support of the group."

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