APPL 655 Spring 2010                          
JA: Job Analysis   PA: Perf Appraisal   SEL: Selection   OB: Org Behavior  
#1 Feltrin, Tom #1 Feltrin, Tom #1 Ford, Tim #1 Godbout, Jeff  
  Ford, Tim   Jones, Keyana   Nusbaum, Becca   Feltrin, Tom  
  Godbout, Jeff   Orlando, Janeen   Feltrin, Tom   Nusbaum, Becca  
#2 Griggs, Jessica #2 Griggs, Jessica #2 Jones, Keyana #2 Klug, Erika  
Jones, Keyana   Ford, Tim   Park, Eun (Amy)   Ford, Tim  
Klug, Erika   Park, Eun (Amy)   Truzzolino, Jaclyn   Orlando, Janeen  
#4 Nusbaum, Becca #4 Nusbaum, Becca #4 Orlando, Janeen #4 Park, Eun (Amy)  
Orlando, Janeen   Godbout, Jeff   Griggs, Jessica   Griggs, Jessica  
Park, Eun (Amy)   Shvets, Olda   Sanchez, Diana   Shvets, Olga  
#5 Sanchez, Diana #5 Sanchez, Diana #5 Shvets, Olga  #5 Truzzolino, Jaclyn  
Shvets, Olga   Klug, Erika   Klug, Erika   Jones, Keyana  
Truzzolino,Jaclyn   Truzzolino, Jaclyn   Godbout, Jeff   Sanchez, Diana  
  Team Leaders:              
Feltrin, Tom PA1 FCPS : Teacher Performance Appraisal    
Griggs, Jessica PA2 FCPS : Elementary Principal Performance Appraisal  
  PA3 Alum Aluminum Corporation: Midlevel Managers: performance appraisal  
Nusbaum, Becca PA4 WCI: Engineers and technicians multilevel performance appraisal  
Sanchez, Diana PA5 SoftApps:Software engineer performance appraisal  
Ford, Tim SEL1 FCPS Elementary School Teacher Selection program  
Jones, Keyana SEL2  FCPS Elementary School Principal Selection program  
  SEL3 Alum Aluminum Corp. Cognitive ability and personality assessment for management applicants  
Orlando, Janeen SEL4 WCI: Personnel selection for engineers and technicians  
Shvets, Olga SEL5 SoftApps: Selecting Software engineers    
Godbout, Jeff OB1 FCPS New Teacher discontent      
Klug, Erika OB2 FCPS: Elementary Principal Dissatisfaction  
  OB3 Alum Aluminum Corporation: Union vs non union job satisfaction  
Park, Eun (Amy) OB4 WCI: Organizational survey        
Truzzolino,Jaclyn OB5 SoftApps: Organizational Productivity