Achievement and Learning Center


The Achievement and Learning Center is pleased to announce that Scott Burtnick, a certified ALC tutor, is available during the Fall 15 semester to support students taking APPL 651.

ALC peer tutors are UB students recommended by a faculty member and trained in our CRLA-certified tutor training program. In addition to meeting students on campus, tutors can assist students remotely via our web-based conferencing platform.

Through individual or small-group appointments, tutors respond to students' varied backgrounds and aspirations by clarifying course concepts. Tutors also

We encourage our tutors to develop a relationship with you to better support students. We’ve asked one of the tutors to get in touch with you shortly. He/she may

If you’d like to meet with the tutor in person, the tutor will make every effort to do that.

Please remember that when textbooks or editions change, as they often do, tutors will not have the book your students are using.  Last semester, several faculty members provided the ALC with texts that tutors could check out when needed.  If you find extra copies of the texts you are using, please consider sharing them with the ALC or Library for tutor use.

We look forward to developing additional partnerships with faculty to reach and support our students. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you a terrific semester!  

Nancy Bates

Coordinator of Tutoring

Achievement and Learning Center