Famous psychologists other than Dr. Tom Mitchell

Sigmund without prop

" A cigar is sometimes just a cigar!"

Kurt Lewin   Beh = f(p,e)

Ivan Pavlov =Big feet = CS  (size 12) 
Liked dogs and dog food

Ed Tolman liked rats and thought  they could think

Hugo Munsterberg...
Rode trollies in Boston while at Harvard helping W James out in the lab. Check him out!

Leon Festinger: Socail Psycholoist who Believed he 
liked social psych because he did it.
Cognitive  dissonance


Ed Locke: Goal Setting and much more

Elliot Lasson. Failed at sports so became a psychologist.


Leaetta Hough, SIOP President 2005,
Knows personality and married to
Marv Dunnette


Lynn McFarland, Clemson U.
Also knows personality