Langsdale LibraryUniversity of Baltimore

Web Course Reserve Access


·        Begin at the Langsdale library’s home page


·        Click on the COURSE RESERVES button from the left side menu


·        Click on Students course reserve lists near the bottom of the page.


·        From the welcome page, click on Electronic Reserves and Course Materials


·        At the Main Course Index page you can look up a course page by listing courses by department, by instructor's last name, or use ERes QuickSearch.


·        Use the drop down menus to locate your course


·        From the Courses page choose the course you are enrolled in.


·        At this point the patron must enter the password provided by the professor(s). If no password has been set, you may proceed to the next step.


·        Click on I accept


·        The course page will come up, and the documents available will be displayed in citation form.


.pdf (portable document files)


·        If the document is small and quick to upload, the citation will be underlined, and can be opened simply by clicking on the citation.

Adobe Acrobat will be needed, and is available on all campus computers

and can be installed on a home computer. If the student needs help installing Adobe Acrobat, use the (Problems viewing PDF or other file formats? Read this!)


·        If the document is large, we have divided the files into smaller documents and

created a folder. The student needs to click on the folder icon to open and view the list of files inside the folder. Each file in the folder is a live link, underlined and can

be opened by clicking on the link. If you need to install Adobe Acrobat, follow the link (Problems viewing PDF or other file formats? Read this!)


msWord, power point (ppt) and webpage link files


·        Click on the citation and the file should open in the format displayed or take you to the web page.