The Iliad


Book I The Rage of Achilles   Iliad I
  Achilles Curses Agamemnon Iliad I, ll 262ff (Fagles p 85)  
Book II The Great Gathering of Armies   Iliad II
  Odysseus Meets Thersites Iliad II ll 245ff (Fagles, p 106)  
Book III Helen Reviews the Champions   Iliad III
  Aphrodite Works Iliad III ll 146ff (Fagles, p 132)  
Book IV The Truce Erupts in War   Iliad IV
  Pandarus Strikes Iliad IV ll 100ff (Fagles, p 148)  
Book V Diomedes Fights the Gods   Iliad V
  Diomedes Wounds Ares Iliad V ll 998ff (Fagles, p 192)  
Book VI Hector Returns from Troy   Iliad VI
  Hector Meets Andromache Iliad VI, 439ff (Fagles, p 208)  
Book VII Ajax Duels with Hector   Iliad VII
  Hector Meets Ajax Iliad VII, V ll 236ff (Fagles, p 221)  
Book VIII The Tide of Battle Turns   Iliad VIII
  Hera and Athena Face Zeus Iliad VIII, ll 504ff (Fagles, p 245)  
Book IX The Embassy to Achilles   Iliad IX
  Phoenix Counsels Achilles Iliad IX, ll 523ff (Fagles, p 266)  
Book X Marauding Through the Night   Iliad X
  Spies Compete Iliad X, ll 523ff (Fagles, p 291)  
Book XI Agamemnon's Day of Glory   Iliad XI
Book XII The Trojans Storm the Ramparts   Iliad XII
  Sarpedon Seeks Fame Iliad XII, ll 337ff (Fagles, p 334)  
Book XIII Battling for the Ships   Iliad XIII
Book XIV Hera Outflanks Zeus   Iliad XIV
  Hera Seuces Zeus Iliad XIV, ll 187ff (Fagles, p 374)  
Book XV The Achaean Armies at Bay   Iliad XV
Book XVI Patroclus Fights and Dies   Iliad XVI
  Sarpedon's Last Stand Iliad XVI, ll 499ff (Fagles, p 426)  
Book XVII Menelaus' Finest Hour   Iliad XVII
  Hector Assumes Achilles' Arms Iliad XVII, ll 159ff (Fagles, p 447)  
Book XVIII The Shield of Achilles   Iliad XVIII
  Hephaestus Shields Achilles Iliad XVIII, ll 558ff (Fagles, p 483)  
Book XIX The Champion Arms for Battle   Iliad XIX
Book XX Olympian Gods in Arms   Iliad XX
Book XXI Achilles Fights the River   Iliad XXI
  Achilles Goes Berserk Iliad XXI, ll 110ff (Fagles, p 523)  
Book XXII The Death of Hector   Iliad XXII
  Hector Faces Achilles Iliad XXII, ll 293ff (Fagles, p 549)  
Book XXIII Funeral Games for Patroclus   Iliad XXIII
  Patroclus' Final Appearance Iliad XXIII, ll 65ff (Fagles, p 561)  
Book XXIV Achilles and Priam   Iliad XXIV
  Priam Joins Achilles XXIV, ll 540ff (Fagles, p 603)