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Assignment 3: DOS and Windows 2000

INSS 610

Send me ( an e-mail (use as subject 610a3 answering the following questions (please note that some of these questions may not be answered  using the UB Labs, due to permissions):

  1. In a DOS Window how can you: (a) clear the screen, (b) change directory, (c)check a disk for errors, (d)delete a directory. (Hint: use help |more to see a list of command names and brief explanation).
  2. Open a DOS Window , run the directory command for the Windows directory, save the output to mydir.txt using the redirect symbol > , edit this file to include your name at the top.
  3. How can you change the font and background color of a DOS Window?
  4. How can you copy and paste information of a DOS Window into a Notepad file?
  5. at what resolution is the screen set in the Windows workstation you are using? How do you change to others, if possible? What are the other possibilities, if any.
  6. can you change the background of your desktop? And the screensaver? What did you do to know this? If you can, change both and tell how you did it.
  7. what 32-bit applications were installed regularly in the Windows workstation you are using? What have you used to know this? Can you access it in the Lab? If you can, do NOTHING, just read. Otherwise, explain why users may or may not have access to the tool necessary to do this.
  8. create at least five shortcuts in your desktop (DOS console, Explorer, Control Panel, MyComputer and Netscape). How can you change the name of MyComputer shortcut to System? What have you done, how?
  9. what is the IP number of the Windows workstation you are using? What tool did you use to obtain these pieces of information? Explain.
  10. what services are running in the Windows workstation you are using? Explain what at least three of these do. Are any of the MS Peer Web Services running?
  11. check what audio card/driver is being used, if any. How did you do this? Explain.
  12. look for an executable file, for a non-executable file and a directory and check their permissions, if you can. How did you do it?
  13. use tracert for ubmail. How many hops were necessary? How long it took?
  14. use the HCL search on the Microsoft site and check if the NEC Superscript 860 and what HP laserjets are supported by Windows 2000.
  15. assume that you would like to see a presentation in PowerPoint but PowerPoint is not installed in your machine. What should you do, short of buying PowerPoint? How? Be specific, including a file name to download, if this is the case.

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