VOICE - Mail Order Sales and Services

What should be in the final report?

This project has three different stages: (a) analysis, (b) design and (c) implementation.

  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. You will NOT be using macros in this assignment. Therefore, you will do specific tasks using commands and queries (This is a simplification given the time constraints).

Organize your project report as follows:

  1. management summary: a one page description of the system.
  2. narrative: the same as the case description, without the tables, but including the screen and report definitions.
  3. system diagrams: the DFDs you developed.
  4. data base design: the relations diagram with the relational notation of the DB, and table definitions.
  5. data base structure and data printouts: a printout of the table structure and simple report.
  6. examples of inputs and outputs: printout of order entry form and sales report.

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