INSS 650 - assignment 4

UB University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 4: Subnet Mask calculation


This is an exercise in subnetting. You will compute a subnet mask and the IP numbers in each subnet.

  1. assume you received a class-C IP address ( and you are setting up a network with 4 subnets, each with 50 workstations.

  2. use the IP Calculator and compute the subnet mask and also check, and report, the maximum number of workstations in a subnet to see if you can have 50 workstations in each subnet

  3. obtain the IP range in each subnet, and include them in a table. In addition include in the table the subnet address, the default gateway, and number of unused IP numbers for each ubnet.

  4. finally draw a graph of your subnets with the range of IP numbers for each subnet.

  5. Include all the above information in a Web page, like you did in assignment 3.

  6. When you are done post the page URL (address) in a message in the Files section of the Forum (A4).

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