Cost Control uses

One of the more effective uses of the Web is for cost control. A key management mantra is "do more with less", where the Web excels.

We have already seen the use of the Web for customer service in a previous lesson. Organizations are using the Web for customer service not only to provide better and on-demand services, but also to decrease substantially their costs. Customer support by e-mail, file and text downloading, became a cheap and fast way to solve customer problems.

How about other uses of the Web for Cost Control?

  1. One location for updating and maintenance of documents and other references.

  2. Paperless media

  3. low cost, high quality media

  4. The Web is in its infancy as an advertising media. The latest estimates of the Internet Advertising Bureau puts the total for Web advertising in 2002 on the six billion dollars ball park figure. In the next two years this amount is foreseen to surpass the 10 billion dollars mark (in the last two years Internet advertising has fallen significantly after a peak of 8 billion in 2000). See the sites below for more in advertising statistics, etc.

  5. Intranets: the internal Web

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