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How to compose messages using the EVE editor

Version 1.0 - December 30,1995 - Created by Al Bento.

This is a FAQ on the use of the Eve Editor in VaxMail. Much of this information also helps you use the Eve Editor in $ prompt of the Vax. This FAQ assumes basic familiarity with VaxMail. See Many Happy <Return>s!, A brief guide to UBMail for an introduction to VaxMail. To save this guide in your account use Netscape, select file, and save as plain text. This version is for Windows. There is another version for the Indys.

  1. Why use EVE? Because with EVE you can do the following in Vax:
  2. How to start EVE to edit a file at the $ prompt?
  3. Many times it is more convenient to create a file directly in Vax to send as a message in Mail (see item 4) or to submit as a batch for SPSS, SAS, COBOL, etc. This is specially true when you are modifying a file many times before and after you use it, as in the case of program prodeveloment. Uploading and downloading becomes cumbersome is this case. You can use EVE to create and edit such files at the $ prompt (outside of Mail).

    Start the EVE editor by typing EDIT/TPU at the $ prompt. If you want to create or modify the file TEST.TXT, enter the file name along with the EDIT command, and press the Return key (<return>) as shown below:

    $ EDIT/TPU TEST.TXT <return>

    The EDIT/TPU command will take you right into the EVE editor. You will be in a blank document which will look like this:

    As you start typing the [End of File] marker will be moving down automatically, and the text will be accessible for you to edit. See an example here. You can use the arrow up or down to move up or down in the text.

    A status line appears at the bottom of the EVE window in reverse video and provides information about the buffer (file) you are viewing in the window. The status line shows the buffer name, editing status (write or read-only), current mode (insert or overstrike), and current direction (forward or reverse). A message window, containing informational messages appears beneath the status line.

    EVE is a full screen, wordprocessor-like editor. If you set it up to run in your account as described in item 6 below, it will do word-wrapping automatically every time you use it. Simple editing functions can be performed using keystrokes only (see item 3). Spelling, centering, reformatting paragraphs, including files, etc, require the use of a keystroke (Ctrl-B) to call the EVE command and specific keywords to perform each one of these functions (see item 4).

    Eve can also be set up as the default editor for VaxMail (see item 6). This is an important feature specially for REPLYing to messages, and to avoid typos and other errors sending mail in a hurry.

  4. Using the keyboard and keypad in EVE in Windows
  5. The following keystrokes are available to enter commands and edit in Windows (to see it formatted as a table you need a browser that supports Netscape table extensions):

    What you can do (in Eve) Key or combination of keys
    Save text message Ctrl-Z
    Quit without saving Ctrl-Y
    Delete character left Del
    Delete line Ctrl-U
    Tab Tab
    Move to begin of line Ctrl-H (or Backspace)
    Move to end of line Ctrl-E
    Move up, down, left, right Arrows up, down, left, right
    Move up 15 lines PgUp (in the numeric keypad)
    Move down 15 lines PgDn (in the numeric keypad)
    Access interesting Eve features (spell, reformat paragraph, center, etc). Ctrl-B

  6. How you can use spelling, reformatting, center, include files, etc.
  7. As discussed before, EVE can perform most word processing functions using first a keystroke (Ctrl-B) to start command mode, and then issuing a keyword/command to obtain the function.

    If you use Net Term or PROCOMM for Windows you can make the PC keyboard work as usual in VT-100 (VAX) emulation. See NetTerm or PROCOMM keyboard customization. If you decide not to do so (or you do not use NetTerm or PROCOMM), use the following procedure (a gimmick) to issue commands -- use keywords -- to obtain EVE special editing features:

    The following table (again a browser supporting Netscape table extensions is needed to see the table format) shows the keywords (commands) you can use:

    Feature/functionWhat to typeWhere should the cursor be before you enter a keyword
    reformat a paragraph (after cut and paste, otherwise is automatic) Fill at any line in the paragraph
    Include a file saved previously in document you are editing Include file fname (where 'fname' is a name of a Vax file you want to include in the present document) where you want the file inserted
    checking spelling of your document spell not relevant
    on-line help on Eve commands (ignore references to keypad keys in the Indys) help not relevant
    open another process in the Vax (useful to find file names you forgot and want to include; finish the process by typing logout and you will be back editing) spawn not relevant
    center text in one line centerat the line

    NOTE: There are more commands in EVE than I showed above. Use help at the command prompt to learn more about them.

  8. How to start VaxMail to use EVE as the editor
  9. The use of EVE as the VaxMail editor is important to compose messages and specially to REPLY to messages. You can reformat paragraphs, do spelling, etc. To make EVE your editor in VaxMail you need to:

    1. Type Mail/Edit at the $ prompt (every time you start) instead of Mail:

      $ Mail/Edit <return>

    2. Type: SET EDITOR TPU just once at the MAIL> prompt.

      MAIL> SET EDITOR TPU <return>

      • EVE will be set up to be used in Mail from this point on.
      • If you ever decide not to use EVE anymore type: SET NOEDITOR at the MAIL> prompt.
      • To check that you did set it up type: SHOW EDITOR at the MAIL> prompt :

    3. Set up your Vax account to use EVE (see item 6).

  10. How to set up your Vax account to use the EVE editor.
  11. You need to create two files: LOGIN.COM and EVE$INIT.EVE

    How to create these files?

    1. at the Vax $ prompt type: CREATE LOGIN.COM

      $ CREATE LOGIN.COM <return>

    2. type the following 3 lines :
      EVE = = "EDIT/TPU" <return>

    3. to check if the file was created type:

      $ TYPE LOGIN.COM <return>

    4. at the $ prompt type: CREATE EVE$INIT.EVE

      $ CREATE EVE$INIT.EVE <return>

    5. type the following 3 lines:
      SET CURSOR BOUND <return>
      SET KEYPAD EDT <return>
      SET TABS EVERY 5 <Ctrl-Z>

    6. to check if the second file was created type:

      $ TYPE EVE$INIT.EVE <return>

After you logout and login again all features will be working, including word-wrapping, the use of EVE to start the editor, and EMAIL to start VAX Mail using EVE.

This page is maintained by Al Bento who can be reached at Although we will attempt to keep this information accurate, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. This page was last updated on March 16, 1996.