Client-side imagemaps

These instructions are for the creation of client-side imagemaps using Map This old free version. I recommend the use of Mapedit instead, as discussed in my main tutorial of client-side imagemaps. MapThis has extensive help information when you select HELP, please use it to suplement these instructions.

Imagemap development overview using MapThis

In order to create client-side imagemaps you need to have two components:

  1. an inline image saved in gif format: this will not be covered in this tutorial. You can use software packages like MS PowerPoint, Corel Presentations, Freelance and/or Showcase for this purpose. You can also use images copyright-free that you can collect in the Net. See my tutorial on graphics.

  2. an HTML document using regular markups and including an imagemap created by MapThis.

Creating a client-side imagemap file

To start this section you need to have created, or have available a gif file that you will use as the clickable image.Then proceed as follows

Creating the hot-spots

Inserting the image and creating a link to the imagemap

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