Guide to some basic application software installation

The installation of Red Hat distribution also installs a variety of applications for you. You should also install KDE to complement the basic set of applications. Netscape Communicator, Telnet, E-Mail -- graphical POP clients and Pine, FTP, Chat, Network utilities, File Manager, Text Editor, GIMP, Icon Editor, Paint, PostScript viewer, CD and Media Player, Image Capture (Snapshot), Calculator, Sticky notes, Numeric spreadsheet, etc, are included in the distribution and installed automatically. You may wish to place an icon for these application on the desktop, as discussed in the KDE tutorial.

In this tutorial we will discuss the installation of Office packages -- WordPerfect, KOffice and StarOffice, to round up your application toolchest. Another tutorial covers Internet applications like: Netscape, Real Player, Acrobat Reader, XDIR (a graphical FTP), asWedit (an HTML editor) and Java for Linux. Server software packages are discussed in other, specific, tutorials. Before you start, I suggest you create a downloads directory in a user account (/home/user/downloads) to store the compressed packages as you download them.

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